1) Start the morning the right way: including a healthy breakfast packed with protein can curb early afternoon hunger helping you avoid that snack attack mid-day.

2) Fill up on fruits & veggies: fruits and veggies are filled with tons of nutrients and are super low in calories. They both can be very filling due to their fiber content and will help starve off hunger allowing you to eat less calories.

3) Load calories earlier in the day: you are more likely to burn the calories being active throughout the day as opposed to lounging in the evening where you are not burning as much.

4) Be your own chef: when you are in control of your food preparation, you make better choices. Try to cook most of your meals at home and save going out for special occasions.

5) Go to sleep!: your body will not build if it’s not recovering. It recovers best while sleeping. Put the phone down, turn the tv off, and get some much needed R&R.

6) Build muscle: use them or lose them! Muscle burns more calories than fat. Strength training exercises will help you build and keep those muscles. Train with weights at least three days per week.

7) Avoid sugar, except in moderation: this is tough as many of us have that sweet tooth. But sugar is the number one enemy. Cut back or avoid sodas, juices, desserts and  energy drinks. Making these small switches to water or zero calorie drinks can also lower your risk for disease like diabetes.

8) Cardio: when is the best time?? Whenever you are going to get it done! Aim for at least 30 minutes cardio 3-5 times a week for extra calorie burn and fat loss. Mix it up so you will not be bored and your body will not plateau.

9) Water: stay hydrated and full with some good H2O. Flush out your toxins and help keep your skin hydrated as well.

Thank you,

Caroline Lawson


Buffalo MultiFit