Up Your Level

No masses. No excuses. Just you.

Strength & Conditioning

One-on-one personal training with Proven Results!

Fitness Therapy

From rehabilitation to prenatal training, we have you covered at Buffalo MultiFit!

The BEST Personal Training & Fitness in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo MultiFit is not your typical gym where you just go “workout” and “chit chat.” It’s a combination of trainers, music, positive energy and the people in the room. The minute you walk through our door, stress just falls away. At Buffalo MultiFit (BMF) each class and personal training session is different so you will never be bored nor will your body adapt to the same old exercise routine.

Yes, it’s hard. But not only will you accomplish things you never thought possible, you’ll be motivated, having a blast and enjoying every second of YOUR time. All you need is your workout gear and your sneakers. BMF will cover the rest.

BMF does not cater to the masses, only to you. Therefore, you will always be able to find a spot to train and focus on yourself. No cell phones on the floor and no matter how much sweat, our facility is always clean. Never feel intimidated. It’s not that kind of gym!

Reach Your Personal Fitness Goals

Buffalo MultiFit caters to YOUR needs. Not your kids, parents, coworkers, pets, trainers or spouse. You.

Anyone Can Help You Lift. We Do More.

Can they guide your nutritional needs? Prepare your body for labor? Create functional and core workouts that will help you lose weight, prevent injury or rehab an old one? Motivate you and help you de-stress the minute you walk through the door? Cater to your needs while making you laugh? We do!

BMF is proud to be a participating vendor in Independent Health's Health ExtrasSM program


4110 St. Francis Drive, Hamburg, New York 14075


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Proud Member of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce



5am-8pm M-F
5:30am-12pm Sat
Sunday Morning Group Fitness