Group Training Classes

We want to be able to focus on your form and goals in each class. Too many people can be distracting and intimidating. These small groups are fun, yet challenging, and bring even more variety to your workout schedule.

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Treadmill Class

Run off the calories in our one of a kind Treadmill Class. Unlike any treadmill program out there, our Treadmill Class has been specifically designed to help you increase your endurance, build up your top end speed, and correct your running form. You control the speed while we control the intensity to make you the best runner you can be!


Challenge your body like never before with this combination of total body suspension training, plyometric training and agility training. Our certified TRX® instructor has developed a unique blend of TRX® strength training, plyometrics, and cardio to give you a 30 minute complete body workout that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Pilates Reformer

Balance out your body with our relaxing yet challenging Pilates Reformer classes. With a calculated combination of strength and flexibility exercises, our Pilates classes have proven to fix muscle imbalances, restore lower and upper body flexibility, strengthen core muscles and help alleviate back and joint pain.

Men's MultiFit

This strength and conditioning class was designed specifically to help any guy get in the best shape of their life. Men’s MultiFit combines the best concepts of weight training, endurance training, agility training, and power training to help you improve your athletic and functional abilities making you the best “weekend warrior” on your team!

Bike Burn™

Build muscle, burn the body and cycle the calories away in this Buffalo MultiFit original. Bike Burn™ is an intense combination of indoor cycling and lightweight strength training specifically designed to challenge your strength and endurance in ways you never thought possible!


You’ve never cycled harder and burned more calories in a 45-minute class than you will in Buffalo MultiFit’s CycleFit™. Get ready to hit hills, mountains, and sprints that will melt calories and keep you challenged every minute of the way!

Body Blast

Push yourself to the extreme with this 30 minute, heart pounding, total body, high intensity workout. You will be pushed through intense circuits blending exercises in strength, cardio, plyometric, and agility that have been proven to crush those extra calories and work you like you’ve never worked before. Can you keep up?

Group MultiFit

Work, learn and have fun in this 30 minute class specifically designed to help you develop strength, coordination, balance and overall functional ability. You will learn proper form while performing challenging exercises in strength training, cardio training, and flexibility training which are performed in mini-circuits that keeps your heart rate up and your body constantly moving!


This isn’t your typical R&R, we are talking about Battle Ropes and Rowing Machines. A full body circuit using battle ropes, rowing machines and sleds. This class is designed to increase your athletic performance while crushing calories during and after.

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