Specialty Training

Regain mobility, stability, strength and body control after surgery, injury and/or physical therapy.

Sports Performance

Specialized training to gain that competitive edge in your respective sport.


Prenatal Fitness

Expect more from your training when you’re expecting.



Regain mobility, stability, strength & body control after surgery, injury and/or physical therapy


Life Coaching

Build confidence and feel more fulfilled and motivated in the gym and in life.

Step up your game with Sports Performance Training.

We understand the competitive edge necessary for athletes to succeed and excel in their respective sports. That competitive edge doesn’t just come from practice. To be at the top of your game, you need to train the right way and eat the right way. That’s where Sports Performance Training comes into play.

Programs include individual training sessions (1 on 1), group training sessions (up to 4 athletes) and team training sessions (5-10 athletes). We like to keep our training groups small so that each athlete can be trained specifically to their needs. Need a referral? No problem. We would be more than happy to set you up with one of our athletes who has seen success while training at BMF.

Wondering whether exercising while Pregnant is right for you?

There are two ultimate goals with our program for prenatal clients: Train for a safe labor and delivery for both mom and baby AND to help expecting mothers build strength and fitness in order to support the many challenges and changes that come along with pregnancy. Our trainers educate soon-to-be mothers while developing posterior chain strength, alignment, and the ability to generate core stability.

What is Functional Rehabilitation?

At Buffalo MultiFit we understand that many people live with aches and pains on a daily basis. We also understand that those pains, aches and even injuries can be depressing, debilitating and annoying. That’s why we created the Functional Rehabilitation program.

Functional Rehabilitation is a program designed to help people regain their functional abilities, while also correcting the muscle and joint problems that cause everyday pain. The program is also designed to help clients regain mobility, stability, strength and body control after surgery, injury and/or physical therapy.

Our goal for the Functional Rehabilitation program is to help people of any type, with any condition, reach their optimum level of performance, and live an active healthy life pain-free. We do this by assessing each client for faulty movement patterns, diagnosing the underlying problems, and using a combination of stretching and corrective exercises to re-establish proper movement patterns and body function. By working together, and working smart, we hope to lessen the pain, one client at a time.

What is a Life Coach you ask?

A Life Coach is a professional who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your life. They help you to be happier, more confident, to feel more fulfilled and motivated. The success of our Certified Life Coach program comes from our coaches’ training, conscious awareness, experience, and education. There is also hard data to support that coaching is indeed effective!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

“After a debilitating stroke and when therapy ended, Buffalo MultiFit was a great place to continue my rehabilitation. I’m 54 years old and still have my life to live. BMF is helping me do just that.

The trainers are all very caring and knowledgeable. The rehab program in conjunction with the Electronic Stimulation has all helped to improve my coordination, strength, agility, balance, and endurance.

Anybody who has a need for a rehabilitation would be well advised to go to Buffalo Multifit.”

Kevin J.

“After two years of serious health issues and extensive surgeries I was left with a large amount of scarring, drastic physical changes to my body and restrictions on what activities I could do. I needed to return to an exercise program but could not go back to what I was previously doing – martial arts.

After checking out a handful of gyms, I found Buffalo MultiFit. Carrie & BJ listened carefully to what my goals were and created a fitness plan to meet those goals, while working around my restrictions.

I saw results within a month and have never been in this great of shape! I also have regained the confidence in my body and appearance that I had prior to my surgeries. I would have never gotten to this point had it not been for Buffalo MultiFit!”

Michelle Patterson

“Best place ever! I had back surgery a few years ago; but still had pain in my leg; the doctor said “it was better than before the surgery” so essentially, “live with it!”

I started taking the Pilates Reformer class with Carrie and I am PAIN FREE, no more pain down the back of my leg, no more numb toes! Buffalo Multi Fit is a Godsend. Don’t live with the pain; this place is awesome! I highly recommend it!”

Michelle Knaszak

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